Dry skin happens when our skin isn’t able to hold sufficient moisture. Frequent hot baths, harsh soaps and the weather can strip the skin of natural oils.




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  1. This is all so stupid. YOU NEVER USE SCRUB When you have dry flaky skin and I’m a budding dermatologist. don’t use toners bc they have alcohol that’ll strip u of your natural oil. This video disgusts me, shame on the people that think indians are blind.

  2. Nykaa please recommend some good compact powder for extremely dry,acneprone and sweaty skin.I'm your loyal customer for years and tried a lot of powders but never found one.Please help…😊❀

  3. Can you please suggest sunscream for excessive dry skin during summer ,Which can bring glow to the skin because i feel too much of sweating on my face during summer i cant even put light makeup too and during winter its too dry..

  4. seriously, i'm from the US and with all due respect, i have used Laneige and belief which is of no use. the only point is that they are pricey and US products so indians are soooo excited when they buy these!!!
    i have extremely dry skin and my holy grail product is cetaphil and CEO riley !!

  5. For a dry skin MALAAI oF milk is best . I hv superdry skin but with malai now I feel very soft skin of mine. It's just my best experience after using many products.
    Soft Malai is first product with this we can add honey also.

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